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Semi Commercial Half Power Rack

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This Heavy Duty Commercial Half Rack will help improve your fitness levels and get you on track for a tight and toned body. Perfect in any home gym or fitness studio, this superb apparatus is suitable for Crossfit, Circuits and functional training programs. Boost your cardio stamina, promote steady and healthy weight loss and strengthen and tone a wide variety of important muscles such as the biceps, triceps, deltoids, latissimus dorsi and trapezius. Simply put, this power rack offers everything needed to get your body in amazing shape!

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome with personal training is committing to it. Unfortunately when it comes to weight lifting it can become difficult when relying on others to act as a spotter. Sturdy and robust the semi commercial rack offers adjustable bar hooks and safety spotter bars, so you are in control of when you train and for how long. Multiple Olympic bar and plate holder pins offer convenience while upper and lower hooks are ideal for Power Band Exercises. A conveniently positioned chin up bar provides a great strength and stamina challenge.

Maximum weight capacity of 454kg/1000lbs this power rack will fit even the smallest of gym environments. It is recommended to secure the rack to the floor. Fitness Equipment Ireland is delighted to offer this fantastic product for an amazing price. Please note that this Rack is now only available in all black.


1220(W) *1220(Deep) *2130mm Height

Maximum weight capacity 454kg/1000lbs
Adjustable Bar Hooks and Safety Spotter Bars
Olympic Bar and Plate Holders
Upper and Lower Power Band Hooks
Chin Up Bar


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