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About Us


Simply put, we make top quality, Timber, Gym and fitness equipment. All of our products are beautifully finished and made to the highest standard.
We specialise in Plyometric boxes,Weight lifting platforms and Jerk blocks + lots more.

No matter what style of training is, from calisthenics to traditional weight lifting, TD Gymgear has equipment that align with your fitness goals, including bespoke products. (Enquire in the contact form below).

TD Gymgear has been known throughout Ireland for many years as an industry leader, and is proud to have provided many gyms and institutions with fitness equipment.


TD Gymgear is on a mission to connect athletes with equipment that reaches their fitness goals. Whether that be supplying equipment to the athlete for home use, or whether it is supplying the gym that athletes attend.

At TD Gymgear, we don’t settle for any less than perfection and quality. When creating our products, quality is the foremost of our thoughts. In short, Our products are built to last overtime regardless of the intense sets and reps the products are used for, helping you achieve your fitness, strength and aesthetic goals.


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