Individual plyo jump boxes




Plyo Boxes

Our Stackable Plyometric boxes are Made from the strongest grade 18 mm plywood and are built to out last our competitors.
-Solid, Sturdy construction
-available in a various sizes to suit your fitness level.
-Stack neatly to save you valuable space.
-Beautifully finished design with rounded corners to save injury.
Plyometric training conditions the body with dynamic resistance exercises that rapidly stretch a muscle (eccentric phase) and then rapidly shorten it (concentric phase). Hopping and jumping exercises, for example, subject the quadriceps to a stretch-shortening cycle that can strengthen these muscles, increase vertical jump, and reduce the force of impact on the joints.
Because plyometric exercises mimic the motions used in sports such as skiing, tennis, football, basketball, volleyball, and boxing, plyometric training often is used to condition professional and amateur adult athletes.
Perfect for Crossfit ,MMA, personnel trainers and all other Gyms types

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